“Sometimes I even have an advantage over my excellent hearing wife”

“I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 34 years due to being born with hearing loss. I’m 36 now and I’m about one step away from being deaf. Through the years, hearing aids have been a part of my daily life. In the beginning, hearing aids had only kind of brute applications, and now I’ve got these digitals that are tailored to my individual hearing loss.

The aids I have now are completely in the canal and automatically adjust. I own my own company, and when I’m on the road, they cut down on the road noise so I can hear my cell phone clearly. On the job site, they cut out the machine sounds so I can talk with my crew. I can hear well when I’m talking to clients and homeowners. When I go to restaurants, sometimes I even have an advantage over my excellent hearing wife because my hearing aid cuts out the background noise.

My hearing is also important because with having 3 young girls, it’s really been a joy just to be able to talk to my kids and hear what they have to say each day. It’s actually pretty darn difficult to live and for the people around me when I don’t have my hearing aids in. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy TV or a movie or my kids without them. I come across people that I can tell that hearing is an issue with them and I just tell them to come in and see Jeff to find out how much loss they may have.

Out there, being around a lot of different audiologists and hearing specialists in 34 years, I can say that Jeff is top notch. He knows his equipment, he knows his products, and he’s always professional and courteous. He has a real skill when it comes to making adjustments in the way the hearing aid sounds. He is also excellent when it comes to explaining why the new technology is better for me.

What’s been great about the Audibel products is they’ve made leaps and bounds in hearing aid technology. I used to only be able to wear over-the-ear hearing aids, which would have problems when I would sweat or when it was raining. Now I have these CIC hearing aids that can deal with my loss and don’t have those problems anymore. I know that everybody in my family and everyone who works with me certainly appreciates Jeff and Audibel for all they do for my hearing.”