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Employees are helpful and polite

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Matt Veach, on Google

Very good.

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Patricia Brazelton, on Google

Great service and employees at Paris location are courteous, knowledgeable and first rate

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Carol Keller, on Google

Everybody is always so helpful. They do everything if they can do to make your hearing better.

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david tucker, on Google

The service is good and the people who work here are very cordial. My wife and I have been very satisfied.

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Robert Ritter, on Google

The staff at Audibel in Monticello is very patient and worked with me to get the right thing for me. I would definitely recommend them

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Beverly Dean, on Google

Jeff Hanley at the Monticello Audibel, deserves many kudos! He has always been so helpful to my dad with dad’s hearing aids. He even came out to check them on a Saturday recently! He knows how the importance of dad and his hearing aids are to our whole family. Thanks Jeff!

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cm taylor, on Google

Highly Recommend them! very clean, Great people, great service, an awesome front desk crew!!

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Chelsea Leynes, on Google

They are always on time and give me plenty of time, even when I talk about things not related to hearing.

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Thomas Bailey, on Google

“These hearing aids have been worth every dime”

“I went and got hearing aids because the guys at work were complaining I couldn’t hear them. They had to repeat everything and they got agitated. My wife had been on me for a long time that I couldn’t hear. I’d have to watch people’s mouth to try and figure out what was going on.

I found out about Audibel because of their advertisements. I went and got a hearing test and we found that I really couldn’t hear. I had gotten a test at a different place, but I really didn’t like their attitude so I walked out saying to myself that I could hear fine. At Audibel, they were great. They set me up and said that I had 30 days to try them. Terri’s attitude was very friendly and helpful. She didn’t put me down. When I have a problem, Terri would never try and talk me out of my problem. She would adjust them and say if it’s not right, come back. She worked with me almost every other day during my trial. She was always helpful and friendly and she really took the time.

Before I got my hearing aids, I couldn’t hear the beep from my diabetes tester. Now I never miss the beep. It’s right there. Now I can even hear the doorbell. Without my hearing aids, I’d never have a prayer to hear that. It used to be at a church meeting, I’d feel left out. I’d be leaning over and trying to hear, and that would work for about ten minutes, then I’d get tired. So I’d keep watching mouths to try and follow, but I’d really miss out on the conversation. My hearing aids make a big difference there. I can hear my grandkids better now. Going to music events and basketball events are a lot more pleasant because I’m more in tune with what’s going on around me.

My advice to anyone who needs hearing aids to just go to Audibel and let Terri check your hearing and go from there. Just keep going back until you get them where you want them, and if it doesn’t work, give them back. If you need hearing aids, just take the first step and work it out as you go. It can’t hurt. These hearing aids have been worth every dime, they are so beneficial. They’re a necessity, not a luxury. I wear them every day, put them in before I even make coffee. I wouldn’t go a day without them. I’d like to thank Terri and everybody at Audibel for what they’ve done and what they continue to do for me to help my hearing.”

Mike Johnson, Hoopeston, IL

“My wife wants to give Jeff a big hug”

“I struggled for years with my hearing. I’d turn the TV up so loud, it wasn’t good for everybody else in the home. I couldn’t hear the microwave or oven timer when it went off. I was raised on a farm around heavy loud equipment with no hearing protection. It really had an effect on my hearing.

I’m now a salesman, so I have to take a lot of orders over the phone. I’d have to have customers repeat, and sometimes even spell things out so I could understand. I actually own the building that Jeff has his office in, so I got to know him as a tenant first. I had spoken with him about my hearing problem a couple of times, and he told me about the new digital hearing aids. He did a hearing test for me, and my hearing was poor to say the least. Then it wasn’t a big decision to get them. Jeff put my hearing loss on the big screen and then showed me how he programmed the hearing aids to match my hearing loss. It was amazing.

With these hearing aids, I can be on the phone and they don’t squeal. I’m on my cell phone, and it used to be that I couldn’t hear the phone ring, my employees would have to tell me. It’s made such an incredible difference. I can hear my cell phone. I can hear the birds sing and I haven’t heard that in years.

After all this, my wife wants to give Jeff a big hug. Now that I’ve gotten help, I can spot the people who need help with their hearing. I always recommend to them, go to Audibel, they can help. I really like my hearing aids. I have different settings that I can use in different places. I have this one setting for restaurants and that really helps. Jeff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I call him any time I have any issues whatsoever, and he’s always happy to help. I’d like to say thank you to Jeff Hanley and all the folks at Audibel.”

Craig Bush, Monticello, IL

“It makes all the difference in the world”

“I decided to get hearing aids because I was having trouble hearing and I don’t want to miss anything. I was missing some of every conversation. Person to person, it wasn’t too bad, but in a group, it was very difficult. I’m a retired librarian, and I’m still quite active. I like the theater, I participate in church, and I advocate for children. I was having trouble in social situations, and even with my TV and radio at home.

Now, I put on my hearing aids first thing in the morning, and it just makes life so much more pleasant. I wanted to find someone local to help me with my hearing, and a friend recommended Audibel. I’ve been impressed with the service I got. I get superb service from them. I was reluctant to try it, but it didn’t take long before I thought I made the right choice. One thing I really like, they schedule me regularly to clean and adjust my hearing aids, and even to remove wax from my ears.

I have 6 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, and I don’t want to miss out on a thing. My hearing aids help me do that. I would tell anyone who needs hearing aids that it makes all the difference in the world. You really don’t know what you’re missing, and you really need to not get discouraged early on. If I have problems, I just go to the office and they take all the time I need to get it right. I would suggest to anyone who is not wearing their hearing aids to stop by Audibel, and I’m sure that Jeff can help you so they will be more comfortable and you’ll be able to wear them.

I really would like to say thank you to Jeff for the excellent service that he has given me. He doesn’t charge me and he gives me all the time it takes to make my hearing aids right.”

Lula Mae Giese, Monticello, IL

“Every time I come in, they have time for me”

“I couldn’t hear. My wife was complaining. I felt embarrassed when she told me her friends could tell on the telephone when I was home watching television. That was a great ear opener (rather than an eye opener). You don’t realize you’re missing so much until someone hits you over the head with it. I was a lawyer for a number of years before I retired, and I had a hearing aid for a while, but it just wasn’t doing what I felt it should do.

So I saw an ad in the paper, and I came in. I saw this big black book in the waiting room and in it were all kinds of people from Bill Clinton to General Schwartzkopf. I thought if those two guys who are poles apart could come up with the same brand, I’m in the right place. My wife is pleased as punch that I have hearing aids. I don’t have problems with the TV anymore. She can actually talk to me now facing away, and I can hear her with her back turned. It was the difference between night and day between the last place I went and Audibel.

Ben and Jeff are always professional, and they take the time to answer my questions and explain what is happening. I was just pleased, and every time I needed adjustments and every time I come in, they have time for me. The hearing aids are so comfortable that I occasionally take a shower or go to bed and forget I have them in. I also notice a big difference when I take them out. It’s almost traumatic not to be able to hear, they make such a difference. I can hear on the phone and they don’t squeal, which was a problem with my other aids. I also had some problems with one of my aids, and they sent it in twice and got it back in the next day. I was just pleased as punch.

As an attorney, if I were to see any professional with a hearing loss, I would tell them this. You have to make a living. If you can’t hear, you can’t compete. If you can’t compete, you’re out. That’s the most succinct way I can put it. You have to be able to hear in meetings. You just have to be able to hear what’s going on. If you can’t hear, you can’t function. It’s just so much of an advantage to be able to hear. If you think you can hear, but you really can’t hear, you probably even get along worse than someone who is completely deaf. That’s because if you’re deaf, you and the people around you know, so you make adjustments.

I appreciate the extraordinary capability and consideration of the staff at Audibel. I think the world of all of them. I highly recommend Jeff and Ben and the staff at Audibel to anyone who has trouble hearing.”

Bill Gaston, Champaign, IL

“Sometimes I even have an advantage over my excellent hearing wife”

“I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 34 years due to being born with hearing loss. I’m 36 now and I’m about one step away from being deaf. Through the years, hearing aids have been a part of my daily life. In the beginning, hearing aids had only kind of brute applications, and now I’ve got these digitals that are tailored to my individual hearing loss.

The aids I have now are completely in the canal and automatically adjust. I own my own company, and when I’m on the road, they cut down on the road noise so I can hear my cell phone clearly. On the job site, they cut out the machine sounds so I can talk with my crew. I can hear well when I’m talking to clients and homeowners. When I go to restaurants, sometimes I even have an advantage over my excellent hearing wife because my hearing aid cuts out the background noise.

My hearing is also important because with having 3 young girls, it’s really been a joy just to be able to talk to my kids and hear what they have to say each day. It’s actually pretty darn difficult to live and for the people around me when I don’t have my hearing aids in. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy TV or a movie or my kids without them. I come across people that I can tell that hearing is an issue with them and I just tell them to come in and see Jeff to find out how much loss they may have.

Out there, being around a lot of different audiologists and hearing specialists in 34 years, I can say that Jeff is top notch. He knows his equipment, he knows his products, and he’s always professional and courteous. He has a real skill when it comes to making adjustments in the way the hearing aid sounds. He is also excellent when it comes to explaining why the new technology is better for me.

What’s been great about the Audibel products is they’ve made leaps and bounds in hearing aid technology. I used to only be able to wear over-the-ear hearing aids, which would have problems when I would sweat or when it was raining. Now I have these CIC hearing aids that can deal with my loss and don’t have those problems anymore. I know that everybody in my family and everyone who works with me certainly appreciates Jeff and Audibel for all they do for my hearing.”

Michael Hallden, Mahomet, IL

“I’m no longer self-conscious about not being able to hear”

“I was having difficulty hearing, especially TV, conversations in a crowd, in restaurants. Also, everybody in my family has a hearing problem, so I figured probably I have the same problem. I found Audibel when they sent me a postcard in the mail. My mom had gone to another place, but wasn’t having luck, so I thought I’d try Audibel to see what they could do for me. The whole process was very easy.

I met with Jeff, and he gave me a hearing test. He explained what my difficulty was and he recommended a hearing aid for me. I wanted the ones that could not be seen, and that’s what he gave me and I love them.

I think the most difficult hearing situation for me is in a crowd with background noise. Before I got hearing aids, I found myself having trouble in crowds, not knowing what someone said, so I was afraid to answer. I thought they would think I was not that with it. I don’t have that problem anymore. I’m no longer self-conscious about not being able to hear. When I get in those situations, I just change my hearing aid settings, and it is very helpful. I can adjust my hearing aids to any situation I find myself in. What was most amazing is that I didn’t realize I wasn’t hearing the birds, until I could hear them again. My hearing is important with my grandchildren because it’s easier now for me to communicate with them, even though they seem to have their own language.

I would like to say thank you to Jeff and Ben. I am very grateful to them and also to Cindy, who is always helpful when I need to get in to be seen. I would tell anybody who is having difficulty hearing that they don’t realize how much they are missing. They don’t know how much easier it is to communicate with people and live life when you don’t have to question if you’re hearing what is said. There is just so much more joy in life when you can hear and communicate properly. I would like to thank everyone at Audibel for doing such a great job for me.”

Sandra Snider

“I can use my cell phone and it doesn’t whistle”

“I found that I wasn’t hearing too good and my wife would ask me a lot if I was hearing her. I had a hearing aid before that would whistle a lot when I was on my cell phone, so I took it out and put it on my lap. One day I forgot to put it in, and that was an expensive mistake.

I saw the ad about no whistling, and that’s when I decided to go see Jeff. He impressed me very much, and he’s been very good to me. Compared to the hearing aids I had before, coming to see Jeff was like night and day. Jeff went out of his way to make sure I was hearing what I should be hearing. The hearing aids I got from Audibel, I can use my cell phone and it doesn’t whistle.

As a professional over-the-road driver, I was responsible for up to 55 lives at a time. I needed to be able to hear train whistles, sirens, and the customers on the bus. I feel very comfortable now wearing Audibel hearing aids. I also have over 20 grandchildren, and hearing them is very important to me. If you need hearing aids but don’t have them, you’re missing a lot. I’m sure you have friends that repeat things to you and hearing aids just make life more enjoyable. I’m sorry I didn’t do this before. I am really glad I went ahead and got hearing aids because they have helped me immensely. I always look forward to seeing my friends at Audibel; it’s always a pleasant thing coming in.”

Jerry Bennett, Savoy, IL

“I hear more words distinctly now, especially in crowded situations”

“I got hearing aids because I couldn’t hear very good, especially my wife. I formed a habit of asking my wife to repeat sentences over and over and it wasn’t a good situation. I had hearing aids from a competitor of Audibel for about 3 years, but I was never very happy with them. My friend surprisingly got hearing aids at Audibel and he seemed to really like them.

So I went to see Jeff in Monticello, and I’ve been very happy with those. He said to me that he thought he could help me and I think he has. He knows how to set the hearing aids properly, and that means a lot, at least to me.

My hearing aids are very comfortable over all, and there has been a few times that I forgot to take them out before the shower or before bed. They feel good in place and don’t bother me at all. It’s important to be able to hear in my job because I need to get the correct information the first time. If you get the wrong information or have to ask them to repeat, it can cause problems. I hear more words distinctly now, especially in crowded situations. I’m an active guy and with my other hearing aids I would have to take them out when I was golfing because of whistling in the wind. These hearing aids, I don’t have to do that.

The hearing aids that Jeff fit me with are very small and fit deep. People can’t even tell I’m wearing them, and I like them from that standpoint. I have 6 grandchildren and they know I have a problem with hearing. I used to have them repeat all the time. Now I get along better with them because they don’t have to repeat as much. I definitely want to be included in the conversations and what’s going on, so I really appreciate my hearing aids.

I appreciate Jeff and his wife very much at Audibel for helping me to hear. I would tell anyone who needs hearing aids that the guy you’re going to deal with is more important than the brand of hearing aids you’re gonna get. So I tell people to go see Jeff at Audibel.”

Dean Howarter, Monticello, IL

“The difference was really amazing”

“I noticed for a while that I was having to have people repeat all the time. I tried a hearing aid before, and then my hearing changed. I thought I had a changeable digital, but turns out I didn’t, then I saw an ad for Audibel. I came in and Jeff so impressed me during the test with his customer service that I decided to go with this in the ear hearing aid and I have not regretted it.

When I got the hearing aid, the difference was really amazing and I could tell right away that it was amplifying the sound. The really startling thing was hearing birds again, especially a block away, and it also really made a big difference with music.

The staff is also great. I feel, when I come in, that I’m really part of the Audibel family. This hearing aid really makes a difference in hearing my 6-year-old and 4-year-old grandsons. Both of my grandkids are extremely active, and this hearing aid is great because they like to talk to me a lot and it really makes a big difference. I now have a 3-month-old grandson and I especially like to hear him, and as he grows up, I know I will be able to hear him even if my hearing deteriorates.

It also really helps me at work. I no longer have to lean across the counter to hear my customers and it has been great for my career. I’d like to say thank you to my friends at Audibel for what they’ve done for me.”

John Moore, Champaign, IL

“I can’t decide what’s better… my hearing aid or my specialist!”

“These new hearing aids have been fabulous. I knew they were going to be better than my old ones, but I just can’t get over how comfortable they are. I forget they are in my ears. It’s wonderful to be able to talk to my family and not ask them to repeat. It’s especially wonderful on the phone because I can hear on the phone. I have used these hearing aids in a lot of situations, like the theater, restaurants, and at the mall, and the results have been wonderful! It’s so much more clear.

Some people with hearing aids still ask me to repeat, and that used to be me. I really love my hearing specialist. She’s just a special person and she has a special product to offer. I can’t decide what’s better, my hearing aid or my specialist! If you’ve been putting it off, just do it. You won’t regret it.”

Carol Morgan, Mahomet, IL