“I’m no longer self-conscious about not being able to hear”

“I was having difficulty hearing, especially TV, conversations in a crowd, in restaurants. Also, everybody in my family has a hearing problem, so I figured probably I have the same problem. I found Audibel when they sent me a postcard in the mail. My mom had gone to another place, but wasn’t having luck, so I thought I’d try Audibel to see what they could do for me. The whole process was very easy.

I met with Jeff, and he gave me a hearing test. He explained what my difficulty was and he recommended a hearing aid for me. I wanted the ones that could not be seen, and that’s what he gave me and I love them.

I think the most difficult hearing situation for me is in a crowd with background noise. Before I got hearing aids, I found myself having trouble in crowds, not knowing what someone said, so I was afraid to answer. I thought they would think I was not that with it. I don’t have that problem anymore. I’m no longer self-conscious about not being able to hear. When I get in those situations, I just change my hearing aid settings, and it is very helpful. I can adjust my hearing aids to any situation I find myself in. What was most amazing is that I didn’t realize I wasn’t hearing the birds, until I could hear them again. My hearing is important with my grandchildren because it’s easier now for me to communicate with them, even though they seem to have their own language.

I would like to say thank you to Jeff and Ben. I am very grateful to them and also to Cindy, who is always helpful when I need to get in to be seen. I would tell anybody who is having difficulty hearing that they don’t realize how much they are missing. They don’t know how much easier it is to communicate with people and live life when you don’t have to question if you’re hearing what is said. There is just so much more joy in life when you can hear and communicate properly. I would like to thank everyone at Audibel for doing such a great job for me.”