“I can use my cell phone and it doesn’t whistle”

“I found that I wasn’t hearing too good and my wife would ask me a lot if I was hearing her. I had a hearing aid before that would whistle a lot when I was on my cell phone, so I took it out and put it on my lap. One day I forgot to put it in, and that was an expensive mistake.

I saw the ad about no whistling, and that’s when I decided to go see Jeff. He impressed me very much, and he’s been very good to me. Compared to the hearing aids I had before, coming to see Jeff was like night and day. Jeff went out of his way to make sure I was hearing what I should be hearing. The hearing aids I got from Audibel, I can use my cell phone and it doesn’t whistle.

As a professional over-the-road driver, I was responsible for up to 55 lives at a time. I needed to be able to hear train whistles, sirens, and the customers on the bus. I feel very comfortable now wearing Audibel hearing aids. I also have over 20 grandchildren, and hearing them is very important to me. If you need hearing aids but don’t have them, you’re missing a lot. I’m sure you have friends that repeat things to you and hearing aids just make life more enjoyable. I’m sorry I didn’t do this before. I am really glad I went ahead and got hearing aids because they have helped me immensely. I always look forward to seeing my friends at Audibel; it’s always a pleasant thing coming in.”