“I hear more words distinctly now, especially in crowded situations”

“I got hearing aids because I couldn’t hear very good, especially my wife. I formed a habit of asking my wife to repeat sentences over and over and it wasn’t a good situation. I had hearing aids from a competitor of Audibel for about 3 years, but I was never very happy with them. My friend surprisingly got hearing aids at Audibel and he seemed to really like them.

So I went to see Jeff in Monticello, and I’ve been very happy with those. He said to me that he thought he could help me and I think he has. He knows how to set the hearing aids properly, and that means a lot, at least to me.

My hearing aids are very comfortable over all, and there has been a few times that I forgot to take them out before the shower or before bed. They feel good in place and don’t bother me at all. It’s important to be able to hear in my job because I need to get the correct information the first time. If you get the wrong information or have to ask them to repeat, it can cause problems. I hear more words distinctly now, especially in crowded situations. I’m an active guy and with my other hearing aids I would have to take them out when I was golfing because of whistling in the wind. These hearing aids, I don’t have to do that.

The hearing aids that Jeff fit me with are very small and fit deep. People can’t even tell I’m wearing them, and I like them from that standpoint. I have 6 grandchildren and they know I have a problem with hearing. I used to have them repeat all the time. Now I get along better with them because they don’t have to repeat as much. I definitely want to be included in the conversations and what’s going on, so I really appreciate my hearing aids.

I appreciate Jeff and his wife very much at Audibel for helping me to hear. I would tell anyone who needs hearing aids that the guy you’re going to deal with is more important than the brand of hearing aids you’re gonna get. So I tell people to go see Jeff at Audibel.”