“These hearing aids have been worth every dime”

“I went and got hearing aids because the guys at work were complaining I couldn’t hear them. They had to repeat everything and they got agitated. My wife had been on me for a long time that I couldn’t hear. I’d have to watch people’s mouth to try and figure out what was going on.

I found out about Audibel because of their advertisements. I went and got a hearing test and we found that I really couldn’t hear. I had gotten a test at a different place, but I really didn’t like their attitude so I walked out saying to myself that I could hear fine. At Audibel, they were great. They set me up and said that I had 30 days to try them. Terri’s attitude was very friendly and helpful. She didn’t put me down. When I have a problem, Terri would never try and talk me out of my problem. She would adjust them and say if it’s not right, come back. She worked with me almost every other day during my trial. She was always helpful and friendly and she really took the time.

Before I got my hearing aids, I couldn’t hear the beep from my diabetes tester. Now I never miss the beep. It’s right there. Now I can even hear the doorbell. Without my hearing aids, I’d never have a prayer to hear that. It used to be at a church meeting, I’d feel left out. I’d be leaning over and trying to hear, and that would work for about ten minutes, then I’d get tired. So I’d keep watching mouths to try and follow, but I’d really miss out on the conversation. My hearing aids make a big difference there. I can hear my grandkids better now. Going to music events and basketball events are a lot more pleasant because I’m more in tune with what’s going on around me.

My advice to anyone who needs hearing aids to just go to Audibel and let Terri check your hearing and go from there. Just keep going back until you get them where you want them, and if it doesn’t work, give them back. If you need hearing aids, just take the first step and work it out as you go. It can’t hurt. These hearing aids have been worth every dime, they are so beneficial. They’re a necessity, not a luxury. I wear them every day, put them in before I even make coffee. I wouldn’t go a day without them. I’d like to thank Terri and everybody at Audibel for what they’ve done and what they continue to do for me to help my hearing.”