“My wife wants to give Jeff a big hug”

“I struggled for years with my hearing. I’d turn the TV up so loud, it wasn’t good for everybody else in the home. I couldn’t hear the microwave or oven timer when it went off. I was raised on a farm around heavy loud equipment with no hearing protection. It really had an effect on my hearing.

I’m now a salesman, so I have to take a lot of orders over the phone. I’d have to have customers repeat, and sometimes even spell things out so I could understand. I actually own the building that Jeff has his office in, so I got to know him as a tenant first. I had spoken with him about my hearing problem a couple of times, and he told me about the new digital hearing aids. He did a hearing test for me, and my hearing was poor to say the least. Then it wasn’t a big decision to get them. Jeff put my hearing loss on the big screen and then showed me how he programmed the hearing aids to match my hearing loss. It was amazing.

With these hearing aids, I can be on the phone and they don’t squeal. I’m on my cell phone, and it used to be that I couldn’t hear the phone ring, my employees would have to tell me. It’s made such an incredible difference. I can hear my cell phone. I can hear the birds sing and I haven’t heard that in years.

After all this, my wife wants to give Jeff a big hug. Now that I’ve gotten help, I can spot the people who need help with their hearing. I always recommend to them, go to Audibel, they can help. I really like my hearing aids. I have different settings that I can use in different places. I have this one setting for restaurants and that really helps. Jeff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I call him any time I have any issues whatsoever, and he’s always happy to help. I’d like to say thank you to Jeff Hanley and all the folks at Audibel.”