“Every time I come in, they have time for me”

“I couldn’t hear. My wife was complaining. I felt embarrassed when she told me her friends could tell on the telephone when I was home watching television. That was a great ear opener (rather than an eye opener). You don’t realize you’re missing so much until someone hits you over the head with it. I was a lawyer for a number of years before I retired, and I had a hearing aid for a while, but it just wasn’t doing what I felt it should do.

So I saw an ad in the paper, and I came in. I saw this big black book in the waiting room and in it were all kinds of people from Bill Clinton to General Schwartzkopf. I thought if those two guys who are poles apart could come up with the same brand, I’m in the right place. My wife is pleased as punch that I have hearing aids. I don’t have problems with the TV anymore. She can actually talk to me now facing away, and I can hear her with her back turned. It was the difference between night and day between the last place I went and Audibel.

Ben and Jeff are always professional, and they take the time to answer my questions and explain what is happening. I was just pleased, and every time I needed adjustments and every time I come in, they have time for me. The hearing aids are so comfortable that I occasionally take a shower or go to bed and forget I have them in. I also notice a big difference when I take them out. It’s almost traumatic not to be able to hear, they make such a difference. I can hear on the phone and they don’t squeal, which was a problem with my other aids. I also had some problems with one of my aids, and they sent it in twice and got it back in the next day. I was just pleased as punch.

As an attorney, if I were to see any professional with a hearing loss, I would tell them this. You have to make a living. If you can’t hear, you can’t compete. If you can’t compete, you’re out. That’s the most succinct way I can put it. You have to be able to hear in meetings. You just have to be able to hear what’s going on. If you can’t hear, you can’t function. It’s just so much of an advantage to be able to hear. If you think you can hear, but you really can’t hear, you probably even get along worse than someone who is completely deaf. That’s because if you’re deaf, you and the people around you know, so you make adjustments.

I appreciate the extraordinary capability and consideration of the staff at Audibel. I think the world of all of them. I highly recommend Jeff and Ben and the staff at Audibel to anyone who has trouble hearing.”